About Us


We place people first and we value every contact that engages with us. Our support for our customers does not stop at the completion of projects or delivery of solutions. We are committed to support our customers in every way possible. Our team members always stand ready to support and address client's needs and resolve their problems as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. At B&G Consultant, staff development is given the highest priority and they are regularly sent to training and certification programs.



To establish a dedicated team aimed at providing excellent service to our clients, meeting their needs for products and services and working with the highest standard of integrity and professionalism to achieve our goals.


To operate a business that provides goods and services to clients in Asia and maintain a healthy workforce to attain meaningful corporate, community and environmental goals.


Through Excellent Service, Commitment &Quality We grow from strength to strength through being committed in supporting our clients from the moment they touch base with us to delivering our best services and offering the best quality of products available in the market place.


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